Gender Pay Gap Report

Gender Pay Gap Statistics April 2020

In accordance with The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, as an employer of over 250 employees, Framptons Ltd is required to publish the statistical information below on the gender pay gap each year.  The figures below relate to the ‘snapshot date’ of 5 April 2020, except for the bonus figures, which relate to the year ending 5 April 2020.


It is important to note that this year, a significant number of employees were excluded from the calculation of the mean and median gender pay gap due to being on furlough.


The bonus data was made up almost exclusively of Long Service Awards, payable annually to employees with more than 5 years’ service, and Profit Share payments, payable to those who were employed during the period to which it related. The median bonus gap was due to a larger proportion of female employees than male employees who had started with the business within the preceding 5 years and were therefore not entitled to the Long Service Award at that time. This also increased the mean bonus gap, where a higher proportion of female employees received the Profit Share Payment but not the Long Service Award.


The gender pay gap statistics for Framptons Ltd are as follows.


Mean gender pay gap 12.4%
Median gender pay gap 5.2%
Mean bonus gender pay gap 39.0%
Median bonus gender pay gap 62.3%
Proportion of males receiving a bonus payment 70.5%
Proportion of females receiving a bonus payment 58.3%


The proportions of male and female employees in each pay quartile are as follows.


Lower quartile Male 66.1%
Female 33.9%
Lower middle quartile Male 78.6%
Female 21.4%
Upper middle quartile Male 76.8%
Female 23.2%
Upper quartile Male 76.8%
Female 23.2%



I confirm that the published information is accurate and has been calculated in accordance with the regulations.


Jon Edwards