NPD Opportunities with the SIG Dome

As of March this year, Framptons have proudly started to offer greater co-packing solutions using the SIG Dome.

SIG prides itself on offering safe, sustainable and affordable products to consumers by using one-of-a-kind technology to innovate classic carton formats that brands use so widely.

Framptons are the first UK facility to offer the brand-new SIG Dome format. A hybrid carton-bottle product, the Dome innovates the pouring function whilst keeping the integrity of an aseptic carton pack. Packing the Dome offers amazing new product development opportunities for brands all over the world with its innovative carton-meets-bottle design.


As a result of the bottle-cap design, the Dome eliminates spillage problems in transit and in-store, meaning an easier product for both brand and consumers. The Dome is a no-brainer for the on-the-go occasion that is so keenly become more popular as the world returns to post-Covid normality.


The screw-top format of the Dome optimises mouthfeel, promoting a greater consumer experience.

Instant Impact

Unique in shape and spacious surface, the Dome is a versatile product for making your brand stand out amongst competitors on the shelf.


There are no change-parts with the Dome meaning volume and design changes can be executed within minutes with no hassle and quick turnarounds. At Framptons, we endeavour to make your brand the best it can be and we understand that decision changes need to be made swiftly to meet those all-important lead times.

More responsible & sustainable

With or without the optional addition of responsibly sources aluminium, every part of the Dome pack is entirely recyclable, a product asset resulting in better CO2 performances when put against other packing solutions.

Ideal Logistics

More efficient and more cost effective is more reason to choose the Dome at Framptons. The cartons are neater to pack onto pellets and can withstand impressive crushing forces without shape loss, leaking or brand design damage.

What is there not to like? For a chat with one of the team at Framptons on how the SIG Dome can optimise your brand, don’t hesitate to get in touch by e-mailing