Vivid Water in a Box

We’re all far from strangers to the war on plastic – concerns over sustainability, wastage and plastic pollution have dramatically increased over the past few years, with an increasing number of social media campaigns, environmental activists, and TV programmes influencing a global surge in the desire to change our behaviour to save our planet.

The Eco-Conscious Consumer

Reducing the amount of single-use plastic we use is crucial to this effort, a fact reflected in recent consumer behaviour. With limiting plastic waste a number one shopper priority, 61% of UK consumers have decreased their usage in the past year (Deloitte Sustainable Consumer Survey, 2021).

A Premier League Issue

Further drawing attention to the plastic sustainability crisis, organisations such as the Premier League are getting involved. Large clubs such are Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham and West Ham United are doing their bit by backing the Sky Ocean Rescue Campaign. The campaign is aiming to raise awareness of the negative environmental impacts of plastic waste and inspiring football fans to ‘Pass on Plastic’. Various initiatives have been set up throughout the clubs to reduce single-use plastic, including a reusable cup scheme where fans are being encouraged to reuse their cups in stadia.

Another simple way consumers have been reducing their plastic waste is by shunning bottled water and embracing more environmentally friendly alternatives. Many have moved to reusable bottles, but the demand for sustainable on-the-go formats is high.

Water in a Box

Sustainable on-the-go solutions, however, are few and far between. Vivid Water in a Box provides such a solution, and is proudly packed at Framptons. Water in a Box is a carton of water packaged in a recyclable paper box made from low carbon, light weight, naturally renewable and recyclable materials that are sourced responsibly.

The product, available in Natural, Lemon & Lime, Strawberry and Orange & Peach flavours, aims to encourage people to change their habits when buying spring water and to go for cardboard instead of plastic.

The environmental benefits the innovative box packaging yields include:

· Predominantly produced from paperboard, a renewable raw material

· Paperboard from trees is produced using renewable energy

· Lightweight compared to the alternatives

· The shape and weight delivers transport efficiency

· Recyclable and recycled

Together these sustainability credentials make Vivid Water in a Box’s carton the packaging with the lowest carbon footprint in comparison to cans, glass and PET bottles. Thus, making it the product of choice for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Vivid Water in a Box not only allows consumers to quench their thirst responsibly but provides them with the highest quality water. With the water itself originating from deep seated underground sources in the Mendip Hills, Somerset and the Teutoburg Forest in Germany, consumers can enjoy the long lasting and great tasting water while simultaneously helping our planet.

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