Oat Drinks

Framptons have been producing oat drinks for over 15 years in the UK for major brands, innovators and start ups as well as most of the major UK retailers.

Framptons initial experience in oat drinks was through blending oat syrup and oat flour with other ingredients to produce oat drinks. Initially these drinks were unsweetened, and had vitamins, vegetable oil and stabilisers added to them.

More recently as the market has developed, Framptons have focused on barista drinks, oat cream, oat blends and oat shakes. We see the next development being oat coffees.

In 2021, Framptons commissioned a state of the art Oat extraction plant at it’s site in Somerset. This facility takes the oat groat and blends it with water and enzymes to convert the oat to an oat base that can be used as the key ingredient in oat drinks

The supply of oats is critical to the quality, provenance and functionality of oat drinks

Framptons have been working with Robin Appel, a leading UK grain merchant, since 2020

Robin Appel manage the oat supply chain, from seed all the way through to despatching a heat-treated groat to Framptons to Shepton Mallet.

Framptons then transform the groat into an oat base using an enzyme extraction process.

Your oat drinks characteristics of sweetness, creaminess and foaming capability all depend on the variables used in the extraction process.

Framptons produce 5 types of oat products

  • Unsweetened Oat Drink
  • Barista Oat Drink
  • Blended Oat Drinks (with chocolate, fruit, coffee)
  • Creamy Oat (with vegetable oil)
  • Oat Base (for further processing and for cans, PET and Glass packing)

The combination of great oats, grown in the UK, in the Wessex region of South and South West England, and the processing of the oats at Robin Appel and Framptons is best illustrated by the following diagram:-