Wessex Oat Company

Framptons have long standing relationships with their branded partners in the UK  plant drinks market.

To compliment these relationships and try out innovations and new concepts, Framptons have launched a tertiary brand

Wessex is  an historic kingdom of England that dates back to before the Norman Conquest. Iconic characters like King Alfred  Egbert and  Ethelred and iconic locations like  Glastonbury, Stonehenge and Winchester  are located in Wessex. Thomas Hardy rekindled the Wessex tradition with his novels set in Casterbridge and Dorset.

The great news is that Wessex is also where Framptons grow and harvest their oats through the farmers that grow for Robin Appel and Wessex is where Framptons are based in Shepton Mallet, nestled in the Mendip Hills between Wells, Glastonbury and Frome.