At Framptons, we’re proud to be pioneers of the new SIG Dome

Whether at home, work or on the go, consumers want more than just standard products and experiences. They are demanding more unique, responsible and added-value products. To help meet consumers calls for more unique and differentiated products, we now pack the SIG Dome – an innovative carton bottle.

It offers all the expected protective, environmental and logistical benefits of an aseptic carton pack. And thanks to its lightweight, shape and stability, together with its smooth and central pouring action, Dome is easy to handle – just like a bottle.

What makes the Dome unique and so compelling?

For convenience and a greater handling, pouring and drinking experience

With its sleek, elegant shape, Dome is attractive as well as practical. Its raised, central and wider opening means consumers find it easy to pour from. Its closure also screws back on securely, making it ideal for family breakfasts or people at work or on the go who want to drink straight from the carton. And, as a carton pack, it’s also light in weight and easy to hold.

To stand out

The unique shape combining a carton and bottle of the Dome will help your products stand out from other packaging and its large printable surface enables you communicate product information, usage and applications as well as brand images, messages and colourways instantly and more effectively than competitors.

For its natural and sustainable packaging

Dome comes with a range of sustainability benefits. The entire pack is fully recyclable, largely made from FSC-certified paperboard paperboard – it provides the best CO2 performance compared to other beverage packaging solutions. You can also opt for responsibly-sourced aluminium certified to the ASI standard. You can even pair Dome with our the SIG Signature packaging structure, featuring polymers 100% linked to plant-based renewable materials via a mass balance system. This is truly leading edge for sustainability in this sector.

To optimise logistics

Dome’s design makes the pack more efficient and cost-effective for logistics. Dome can resist greater crushing forces without losing its shape or leaking. Pallets can be loaded with the maximum number of layers without overhang and there are also fewer requirements or cost in terms of secondary packaging. 

For low logistics costs and optimal transport protection

The Open Display Tray design ensures packs are evenly stacked and safely protected during transport, and can later be easily presented on shelves. For the retail market, handling costs go down because the packs can be sold straight from the tray and consumers benefit thanks to attractive product presentation and easy product removal from shelf at the point of sale. 

The new No 1 optimal plant-based solution

Framptons are proud to be the first facility in Europe to offer plant-based products in the Dome.


Recycling SIG cartons


The carton recycling process