With more than 100 years expertise in the food industry, we can pack into a range of formats including cartons, ESL PET bottles, stick packs and bag-in-box.

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Our product range includes liquid egg blends for the manufacturing, bakery & foodservice industry & ready cooked omelettes for the catering, leisure, hospitality & foodservice sectors.

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We pride ourselves on providing creative product solutions which really work for your business.

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With over 40 years experience in manufacturing egg products and over a decade of expertise in processing and packing, Framptons is a renowned provider of a bespoke and quality service for brand owners.  We are experts in liquid food, beverage processing and egg blends for the manufacturing, bakery and foodservice industry and ready-cooked omelettes and scrambled egg for the catering, leisure, hospitality and foodservice sectors.

We offer a range of pack formats from cartons to bag-in-box to bottles.

In support of our manufacturing, we have an on-site chemistry room where we are able to carry out key tests and finished product Taste Panels are a key part of our quality control process

In our New Product Development service, where we work with potential, new and existing customers on recipe modifications and new concepts.

Our facilities are approved by many food manufacturing and foodservice companies and we hold the highest EFSIS/BRC accreditation.

We have been processing liquid foods for 40 years and our professional team are able to discuss any liquid food processing opportunity. Our general attitude is that we relish a challenge, and our “can do” attitude continues to help us drive our business forward. Service and quality are paramount to us, which is why we are chosen by leading brand owners to process and pack their products. Family values applied throughout all aspects of the business are key to our success


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2.5 million

consistently joyous and fruitful experience

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The Berry Company

Working with Framptons has been a consistently joyous and fruitful experience for the berry company. The company and its staff have been incredibly accommodating, supportive and fair throughout our time together. Framptons have helped us grow through their incredible flexibility and hands on management style. We have always been and remain tremendously appreciative for the relationship we have with them

The Berry Company February 27, 2017