egg products – what do we produce?

We are the largest ESL liquid egg manufacturer in gable top cartons in the UK. Our own range includes whole egg, egg whites, egg yolks and scrambled egg mix. We can create bespoke mixes for quiches and bakery products.

We produce cooked and uncooked scrambled egg and sushi egg sheets and omelettes for major fast food and hotel groups throughout the UK. Framptons is the largest supplier of ready cooked omelettes in the UK both plain or with filling.


Our omelettes can be plain or filled with a filling in the mixed batch or placed in the fold of the omelette. They range in size from 4” to 7” and from 40g to 200g, although we have the capacity to produce different sizes.


We make egg based sushi which is cut into blocks and shrink wrapped before being frozen. We send it to our customer and it is used in pre-packs of sushi and sold in the main supermarket chains.

Scrambled Eggs

We do a liquid scrambled egg in a 1 kg gable top carton and pre-cooked scrambled egg in portions and boil in the bag which are both frozen and quick and easy to reheat in a microwave for hotels, airlines and care homes.