new product development

Here at Framptons we pride ourselves on providing creative product solutions which really work for your business. We have a proven track record of success when it comes to new product development (NPD) and have helped many of our customers develop products which are now placed in UK major multiples.

Our experience means that over the years we have created hundreds of unique blends based on your individual concepts and business needs. So whether it’s a fruit juice, milkshake, protein drink or even a new ice cream flavour you need some help getting off the ground, our team are able to provide the support and expertise you need every step of the way.

With Framptons making your new product is simple.

  1. Define your product concept and target market and get in touch with your idea to discuss commercial requirements so we can capture the broad detail of your project in terms of feasibility, estimated timescales, approximate costs and minimum order.
  2. Come and see us and let us show you our facilities and meet our team and agree what you can expect from us and explore further whether we can realistically help you achieve what you want.
  3. Let us help you work on a recipe that is unique to you. Like to be hands on? Then come and develop it alongside us in our development kitchen. If not then just send us details of your idea (we may ask you lots of questions to make sure we understand what you want) and we will produce development samples to your instructions, with any revisions necessary, until you are happy with the results. Alternatively if you already have a recipe and know what ingredients you want to use then we can accommodate a variety of ingredients and recipes (as long as they don’t contain nuts). We can develop the process for making your product to your specification and arrange the type of packaging you want using our close relationships with carton and bottle suppliers.
  4. Once your recipe is finalized and you are happy with the costs then we can do small factory trial runs in plain packaging of 2000-3000L to provide samples for customer research, shelf life testing or validation of the kitchen recipe through the UHT process conditions. We can check a suite of organoleptic and physical tests internally and also send out product to a UKAS accredited laboratory for a range of nutrition and microbiological testing dependent on the product.
  5. Production and delivery is where everything finally comes together. Once technical approval of new ingredients, new artwork and packaging has been agreed then the product is put into our planning department. Our supply chain team will liaise on getting in any ingredients that are non -standard ingredients and packaging required and our logistic team will help with how to get the product to where it needs to go, whether chilled, ambient or frozen.