Delamere Dairy

After more than 15 years of processing and packing their fresh goats milk, Delamere Dairy saw the advantages of extended shelf life technology (ESL) which was being pioneered at Framptons

In 2002, to take advantage of the clear benefits ESL processing can bring to smaller volume niche products, Delamere Dairy out-sourced their fresh milk processing to Framptons, closing their own dairy to concentrate on developing the branded speciality dairy and non dairy alternatives business that they are today.

As one of their earliest co-packing customers, Delamere Dairy has worked closely, at all levels, with Framptons who has helped them grow with a flexible and reactive approach to their needs. Nowhere is this more clearly seen than with the development of a comprehensive range of dairy alternatives for a leading premium food retailer. Often involving complex supply chains and innovative processing techniques, the range has developed and continues to do so through close collaboration between the two companies’ NPD teams – just part of the comprehensive package offered by Framptons to their commercial partners.

Alan Whitstone, Delamere Dairy, July 2017