Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

Jimmy Cregan was in Australia surfing and fell in love with iced coffee which kept him awake on long journeys but when he came back to the UK he couldn’t find it anywhere.

Jimmy decided it was a product that should be introduced to the UK. With my help, we developed a product and brand. We were full of enthusiasm and had a great idea but very little money and we made the difficult decision to put up our mother’s flat up as a guarantee for the business.

After a traumatic and unsuccessful attempt to produce a product in a gable top carton, it was a Tetra Pack innovation of the 330ml ambient, stable, prism carton with dream cap which allowed longer shelf life in ambient conditions.

Jimmy was determined to get his product listed in Tesco so he went to a buyer’s meeting dressed as a full-size carton and secured a meeting which led to the product being sold in the supermarket chain from 2010/11.

We’ve gone from strength to strength and have now launched a non-dairy version of our iced coffee.

Suzie Cregan, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, July 2017