We make omelettes for the UK’s leading fast food outlets

A major bakery chain whose core focus is food-on-the-go, presented Framptons with a product brief to add value to their breakfast menu. Trends indicate that consumers are eating breakfast out of the home more than ever before, creating a greater demand for new products and innovative ideas. Owing to the ‘quick service’ aspect of our customers’ retail outlet, the brief was critical that while the omelette would be cooked and then kept warm for the consumer to buy; the product must retain its flavour, texture and mouth feel. Through a unique recipe Framptons could deliver the solution, which in turn increased the customer’s sales by more than 50%, far beyond the customer’s expectations.

Our omelettes are popular with public and private sector organisations

The omelettes we provide to our customers in the public and private sector up and down the country deliver on a number of levels:

  • As the omelettes are frozen, they are very easy to manage through the supply chain, retaining high quality taste and texture as you would expect from a hand-made omelette cooked just for you; in fact they are better due to the consistent quality of every single omelette; every time.
  • The nutritional profile of a product is more important than ever with the growth in specific dietary requirements.  When designing menus, chefs are always looking for products that can deliver on taste, nutrition and convenience in a variety of different ways.   Our omelettes are a good choice for a low-fat menu, high protein menu, with easy to digest and high nutritional content.

Omelettes in ready meals:

Framptons is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of omelettes into ready meals.  By using a ready-made omelette in a ready-made meal, breakfast box or sandwich we give the food manufacture greater opportunities to create new products. We have a team which can develop your product and menus, get in touch.