Scrambled egg

A family run hotel serving 50 breakfasts each day was making scrambled egg from fresh eggs. Whilst making scrambled egg is not a difficult task, it does require a significant volume of eggs which take up space, and there is a labour cost involved in breaking the eggs and disposing of the shells. As well as the need for a clear and clean area to blend the egg, milk and seasoning.

Framptons 1 kg gable top carton of scrambled egg sits conveniently in the fridge, is easily poured through its re-sealable cap and produces a first class, tasty and consistent scrambled egg. Through the addition of a touch of citric acid, it retains its colour and the small amount of xanthan gum ensures that it remains stable under heat lamps rather than separating as happens with `home-made’ scrambled egg.

It offers a space and cost saving option for the busy kitchen.