Shaken Udder

Jodie & Howie were making a luxury milkshake in a bottling plant they built on their farm. They only had limited capacity and approached us to see if we could help fill their growing demand. With our ESL lines, we were also able to provide them with an extended life to their current product.

But business didn’t proceed smoothly at first! We had done some trial work with them but we were swamped with work so the Commercial Director, Will Martin, rang them to break the bad news and unfortunately his timing couldn’t have been worse because it was the day before their wedding.

Fortunately, they soon forgave him and Framptons decided to invest in a third bottle line so we have spare capacity.

It was a challenge to create the right viscosity and suspension of the vanilla seeds in the milkshake, initially trials were either too thin or too thick. But we overcame them and where able to provide a match for the high quality milkshake they were producing, and the business is growing significantly.

Shaken Udder

Our bottling plant was at capacity and due to a number of limiting factors we were unable to expand further. Moving volume to Framptons was the logical choice and they worked hard to ensure the quality of product was an exact match. Framptons is a great manufacturing partner to work with, they are always pro-active when dealing with NPD and managing our continued volume growth.

Andy Howie, Shaken Udder, July 2017