Our Specialist Lab

Specialist Lab

We have an in-house specialist lab and our small but efficient team collects all the samples from across the units every day and we are responsible for making sure that they are tested at an external UKAS laboratory where they are treated with high priority. We check all results that come back to us and make sure they meet the customer specifications before signing off and releasing the products to the customer. We have a chemistry room where we are able to test for the following: PH, Total Solids, Phosphatase, FPD, Fat, Viscosity, Specific Density, Acidity on our egg whites “Whip and Drip”! We have great experience and work closely with all departments to make sure testing and sampling remain a firm focus and that the product the factory is producing is of the highest quality.

Taste Panels

Finished product Taste panels are a key part of our quality control process.

They are our final check to make sure that the product has been made correctly, and tastes exactly as the customer expects.

We sample our full range of products – from Goats milk, to Goji drink, to Oat drinks, to omelettes and many more.

We taste every product that is packed and produced each day. We taste 3 samples from the start, middle and end of each product run. For the cooked products, e.g. omelettes, we taste weekly.