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Profura Announces the Acquisition of Framptons Ltd.

Profura is a privately owned Gothenburg-based investment company that invests across industries, focusing on long-term co-ownership. We are proud to announce the acquisition of Framptons Ltd., a renowned UK-based food and beverage company mainly known for its oat drink production.

With effect from today, Framptons will be owned by Provator, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Profura group. Provator specializes in turn-around cases, providing the knowledge, support and financial stability that will provide a platform for future growth and expansion for Framptons.

Framptons Ltd., based in Shepton Mallet, UK, is a prominent name in the food and drinks industry, with a heritage that can be traced back to 1898. Known for its locally produced high-quality products and community involvement, Framptons has been a key player in the industry, contributing significantly to the local economy.


Here at Framptons we pride ourselves on providing commercially viable creative product solutions which really work for your customers and your business.

We have a proven track record of success when it comes to new product development (NPD) and have helped many of our customers develop products which are now placed in UK major multiples.

Our experience means that over the years we have created hundreds of unique blends based on individual concepts and business needs. So whether it’s a plant based beverage, fruit juice, milkshake or a protein shake you need some help getting off the ground, our team are able to provide the support and expertise you need every step of the way.

With Framptons, making your new product viable is simple as we offer expertise from highly trained food scientists as well as kitchen and production trials – a simple all in one solution.

Your new production development journey with Framptons will look like this: